Member Benefits


TGIF members get door fee discounts to several Central California events! Some local California vendors give discounts to TGIF members! TGIF classes, social events, and parties all provide discounts for TGIF members. Some other communities also provide discounts to TGIF members to attend their events and parties.

Library Access

TGIF has its own library that members have access to. Members are encouraged to check out books for reading and learning. From The Taming of Beauty to SM 101, both fictional and non-fictional books are available.

A complete list of resources available in our library can be found on Fetlife here:
TGIF Library

Folsom Street Fair

We go to various classes, demonstrations, social events, and play events with other kinksters in fetish communities from Bakersfield to Sacramento. Our members also receive VIP treatment at our booth at Folsom Street Fair! At an event with nearly 400,000 fetish enthusiasts roaming the fair, shade and a place to sit are limited. However, TGIF members get a shaded seating area within our booth to relax and enjoy the fair in comfort!